Capstone Projects

Dark Patterns and User Autonomy: How Manipulative Design Undermines User Choice

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Empower Learning, Empower Patients

Pre-migration Expectations and Post-migration Realities of International Students in Canada

The Future of Telemental Health Care for Youth

Systemic Change in the Education System to Support Mental Health

The Rise of the "Sephora Kid": Revealing TikTok's Role in the Early Skincare Consumer Behavior Among Gen Alpha

How the Body is Presented on Social Media: Unveiling its Influence on the Mental Well-being of Young Adults

Innovate, Create, Automate: Exploring the Intersection of AI and Content Creation

The Online Perception of Women in Sports

Unpaid Internships in Communications & Creative Industries

Women's Experiences in Gaming: Playing and Working

The Relationship Between Sports 'Stars' and the Fashion Industry

Retail Therapy: Exploring the Psychological, Emotional, and Sociological Dynamics of Stress Management Through Shopping

Intimacy amongst the youth through digital communication technologies

The Post Secondary Immigrant Student Experience

The Detrimental Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns on Cyber & Domestic Crime

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The Post-Secondary Immigrant Student Experience

Soundscapes Unveiled: Navigating the Harmony of Algorithms and Personalized Recommendations in Music Streaming Platforms

Social Media's Impact on Social Movements: A Twitter Analysis

Cannabis Legalization Vs End of Alcohol Prohibition

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Country Music

Unraveling the Effects of Beauty Perceptions on Social Media

The Impact of AI on Human Creativity

Unveiling the Thrift: Exploring the Perceptions and Realities of Thrifting Through Social Media Discourse

Post-COVID-19 Mental Health Concerns Among Canadian University Students: A Design Thinking Approach

Fitness Influencer Marketing: Exploring the Impact of Body Image Representation

Uncovering Representations of Environmentally Conscious Travel on TikTok

Consumer Purchasing Theory for Lab Grown Diamonds

Got Grit? A Critical Analysis of Equity Discourses and Realities for Racialized Disabled Students at Toronto Metropolitan University

Pop Prodigies: Defying Odds In The Digital Age

The Primacy of History: is it Still Relevant?

The Leadership Styles of the 21st Century's Greatest Football Managers

The Media’s Impact on Public Perceptions of CTE in NFL Players: A Study on Scientific Findings and Public Attitudes

(De)Constructing the Female Murderer: Narrative Tropes in Media Portrayals of Female Murderers in The New York Times (1992-2022)

Out for Dinner: Comparing Local and Tourist Spending at a Popular Toronto Restaurant

The Impact of Academic Accommodations on University Students' Academic Success

Investigating How Social Media Affects Attention Spans

City of Tomorrow: Exploring Sidewalk Labs Toronto and Its Impact on Torontonians

Unveiling TikTok's Impact: Exploring Its Influence on Digital Marketing Success

The Social Constructs of Grief

Sounds of Consciousness: An Autophenomenography of Music and the Mind

All Eyes on You - The Effects Surveillance has on Human Behavior

The Right to be Supported: the impacts of LGBTQ+ Environments on queer & trans youth

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

The Celebrity and The Brand: The Perfect Match

Stage, Screens, and Strategies: Exploring the Impact of Influencer Marketing on Broadway Ticket Sales

Privatization of Ontario's Universal Healthcare System

Influence of Team Communications on Team Performance in Videogames

Emotions at Work in E-Commerce UI/UX Design

A Global Perspective On Female Beauty Standards

The Effects of Safe Injection Sites on Surrounding Communities

The Injustices in the Criminal Justice against Racialized Individuals

Binding #Booktok- An Exploration of the Internet's Newest Book Club

School Start Times Impact on Students’ Wellbeing

Decoding Online Dialogue: TikTok Mental Health Content & Self Diagnosis Among Gen Z

Soccer VS Men's Mental Health

Live Music and Fandom: Participatory Media and its Impact on Community

The Psychological Impacts of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Representations of Female Protagonists in Video Games

Imagining an Interoperable Internet: Exploring Channels Between Walled Gardens

Crabs & Marketing to Piranhas: A Deep Dive Into Tumblr's Social Media Strategy

How Entrepreneurs use Social Media for Venture Growth

The Impact of the Entertainment Industry on Beauty Standards

Assessing the Canadian Government’s Methods of Communicating Information on the Climate Crisis to the Public

Importance and Benefits of Sustainable Events

Hospitality's New Spirit - Disrupting The Hospitality Through Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The Social Score: Investigating the Impact of User-Generated Playlists on the Spotify Listening Experience

Math Teaching and Math Anxiety in the East and West: A Comparative Analysis

Exploring the Intersection of Cookie Compliance & User Privacy on the Internet

TikTok to Promote Responsible Tourism

Generation Discourse In Traditional Media

Shaping Mindsets: The Role of TikTok's Manifestation Content on Gratitude, Negativity Bias, and Psychological Well-Being

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canadian Students

Exploring AI’s Impact on Communication: Real Voices in Corporate and Creative Sectors

Going Electric: EV Adoption and Weather Impacts

Indigenous Fashion Enterprises: Facilitating Economic Reconciliation and Community Empowerment

Post Covid

Understanding the Music Industry's Opportunities: An In-depth Analysis

Fascination and Harm: The Media’s Portrayal of Serial Killers and Its Impact on Society

Unraveling the Effects of Social Media on Beauty Perceptions

The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Work

Sports on Socials

Investigating Social Media Impacts On Attention Span

What Glassdoor Reviews Say About Job Attractive Traits

TikTok's Impact on Consumer Behaviour

Analyzing the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Future Academic Success

The Post-Secondary Immigrant Student Experience

How the Body is Presented on Social Media

The Online Perception of Women in Sports

A Critical Examination of the Advantages of Young Adults Engaging in International Study Abroad Programs

Celebrities Are Real People Too, Right? Celebrity Parties, Judges, and Jurors When in a Televised Courtroom, Drawing on the Depp vs. Heard and Simpson vs. The People Trials

Utilization of Mushroom By-Products

Exercise to Boost Mental Health & Productivity

The Big Banks Are Talking...

A Critical Examination of the Advantages of Young Adults Engaging in International Study Abroad Programs

Media Violation of an Individual’s Rights and Freedom

How TikTok Affects Youth's Learning

The Effects of Gaming: Cozy Games and Well-Being

Meth + Gay Men

Government Policies & Communication Surrounding Lyme Disease in Canada

AI/DC: News coverage and framing of Generative AI in the music industry

Girlblogging: Tumblr subcultures and female identity in participatory media

The Direct and Indirect Behavioural Patterns and Risks in the Mental Health of Those Living with Chronic Pain: Research Proposal

The Direct and Indirect Behavioural Patterns and Risks in the Mental Health of Those Living with Chronic Pain

Power, Control, Addiction and The Opioid Crisis

Unraveling the Effects of Beauty Perceptions on Social Media

Unlocking the Language of Canine Companionship: Exploring Human-Dog Communication

The Accessibility of Mobile Dating Apps for Visually Impaired Individuals

Virtual Reality: Is it the Future of Design? A Study on Social Media Public Perceptions of VR in Design & Design Education

Digital Dementia: Is Excessive Use of Smart Tech Make Us Dumb?

Navigating Crisis: An Examination of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal (2015) and its Lessons for Effective Communication in Organizations

How the body is presented on social media. Unveiling its influence on the mental well-being of young adults.

Understanding PrEP - Exploring HIV Prevention Messaging Strategies

A Critical Examination of the Advantages of Young Adults Engaging in International Study Abroad Programs

Enhancing Brand Promotion and Business Efficiency for Smiling Rocks

The Role of Parental Involvement in Student Academic Achievement

The Borderline Self: Understanding the Experience of BPD

The Post Secondary Immigrant Student Experience

Advertising and Consumer Response on Social Media

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