Hanna Marie

Research Project

Emotions at Work in E-Commerce UI/UX Design


Hi, my name is Hanna McKinley! I chose Professional Communications as my major 4 years ago with no idea where it would take me. Over this time, I have fallen in love with the world of e-commerce user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design! My passion for the beauty industry, in harmony with my love for designing and creating has led me to this research project. 

Research Summary

  1. In the wake of an extremely technological age, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design has become increasingly influenced by generating a positive and fulfilling experience for users. Emotional design allows for UI/UX designers to trigger positive association and form deep connections between users and web applications or e-commerce stores. Given that the e-commerce space has become incredibly competitive, it’s important for web designers to think beyond what a user sees. This kind of design changes the scope not only of how web designers create, but also of how consumers make purchasing decisions. In this research, I dive into the foundations of emotional design, and the key emotional design elements that contribute to user decision making!

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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