Jill Stephenson

Research Project

Live Music and Fandom: Participatory Media and its Impact on Community


My name is Jill Stephenson and I am a fourth-year Professional Communications student minoring in Event Management and Live Entertainment. My research interests include community engagement and content marketing within the live music industry. I am passionate about and involved with the events industry. Currently, I am on the events team at the Society of the Creative School, where I am starting my term as Vice President – Events in May 2024.

Research Summary

This research project examines the types of online content that fans consume and the relationships between viewing, liking, and sharing habits. Data was primarily gathered from TikTok as it is currently the most popular video-sharing platform, and is also the most relevant platform to the modern music industry in terms of artist discovery, fandom engagement, and organic growth. Findings show that live concert videos published on social media platforms have a greater reach and social impact than other fandom content. Additionally, the recording and sharing of live concert videos was found to be a key component of participation and inclusion within fandoms.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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