Eri Koganemaru

Research Project

City of Tomorrow: Exploring Sidewalk Labs Toronto and Its Impact on Torontonians


Eri Koganemaru is an ambitious and curious students currently studying Professional Communication with a minor in Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University. With a passion for understanding human behaviour and the art of effective communication, Eri enjoys exploring the intersection of psychology and technology.

Research Summary

As cities continue to struggle with the challenges posed by rapid urbanization, environmental concerns, and resource constraints, smart cities offer a promising solution. Smart cities utilize information communication technologies (ICTs) to address infrastructure issues and lay the groundwork for a more sustainable, inclusive, and technologically advanced future. However, upon closer observation, negative themes of surveillance, privacy concerns, information leakage and digital divide all emerge. Using Sidewalk Lab’s project Quayside in Toronto, this research will critically examine concerns of surveillance and the digital divide to gain a comprehensive understanding of smart cities.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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