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As a soon-to-be graduate of the Professional Communications program at TMU with a minor in Live Events and Entertainment, my passion lies in ideation and creation. Some of my career interests include marketing, live events, social media and sport media. I enjoy exploring new industries and have recently been lucky enough to be the website and social media lead for Mass Exodus, a student-run fashion show held at TMU. I am really proud of what I have accomplished during my time at TMU including participating in the Professional Communications Course Union as VP Marketing for the past three years and assisting with social media content creation for the TMU Bold Varsity Women’s Basketball team during the 2022-23 season. I am very thankful for the skills that TMU has equipped me with and look forward to what the future holds for me!

Research Summary

This research project aims to emphasize the increasing importance of studying the impact of social media presence on fan engagement within the sports industry. As social media continues to rise as a dominant marketing tool, its role in shaping fan engagement in the sports industry becomes increasingly vital. A comprehensive review of existing literature has revealed a notable research gap concerning the specific impact of social media on fan engagement in the sports industry. Despite research on social media marketing and engagement in other sectors, the intersection with sports remains relatively unexplored.

Within the context of my preliminary research, my main focus is as follows: What factors drive fan engagement on sports teams social media pages? I will be delving into how the effectiveness of a sports team’s social media presence correlates with and influences the level of fan engagement, and what strategies teams can employ to leverage social media platforms for cultivating enriched fan experiences and building stronger relations with their supporters.

To address the identified research gap, the proposed research will adopt a mixed-method approach, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methods. By doing so, this research aims to contribute valuable insights for sports organizations, enabling them to optimize their social media strategies. Ultimately, the research endeavours to enhance fan engagement, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between sports teams and their respective communities.

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