Hédi Meszaros

Research Project

The Effects of Safe Injection Sites on Surrounding Communities


My academic journey in Professional Communication has focused on a variety of fields, such as visual communication, branding, and business.

Outside of my education, I am interested in art, literature, travel and people. 

I also have an interest in social issues, and asking questions that are outside the scope of the normative discourse. This is evident in my research project. 

As part of this final year at TMU, I’ve been eager to apply my research, communication, and interpretative skills in hopes of contributing meaningfully to a broader discussion surrounding communities in Toronto.

Research Summary


The implementation of supervised drug injection sites as a harm reduction strategy has gained momentum over the past few decades, particularly in response to the opioid crisis in North America. While there is a substantial body of literature exploring the potential benefits of these sites, there is a significant gap in understanding how these harm reduction facilities impact communities, such as residential areas, businesses, and schools. This research aims to present a qualitative thematic analysis of news articles from reputable sources to gain insights into the effects of harm reduction sites located in and around communities.

Through qualitative thematic analysis, this study examines the portrayal and discussions of supervised drug injection sites in newspapers. The analysis focuses on identifying recurring themes, perspectives, and narratives surrounding these harm reduction facilities within the context of community impact. 

The findings from this qualitative thematic analysis are expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of how harm reduction strategies, specifically supervised drug injection sites, are represented and perceived within communities as depicted in newspaper coverage. This research aims to inform ongoing discussions, policy debates, and community engagements related to harm reduction initiatives in the context of the opioid crisis and public health strategies.

Research Poster

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