Adara Maragos

Research Project

Pre-migration Expectations and Post-migration Realities of International Students in Canada

Research Summary

This research proposal aims to explore how international students’ expectations of Canada contrast with the realities they face following arrival. Last year, Canada hosted over 800,000 international students, and that number is expected to continue to grow (Balintec, 2023). They have been heavily targeted by post-secondary institutions and immigration consultants worldwide, primarily for economic reasons. However, there has been a notable lack of resources and infrastructure to support the hundreds of thousands of immigrants arriving each year. Unfortunately, many international students are coming forward to share their experiences of being misled by deceptive and fraudulent recruiting practices that portrayed studying in Canada far differently from its reality (Baksh et al., 2022). The proposal outlines a qualitative approach, employing a thematic analysis of news articles and video transcripts covering the experiences of international students in Canada to gather a deeper understanding of the expectations they had pre-arrival and how they compare to their experiences post-arrival. The research hopes to understand the gap between expectations and realities, provide valuable insight for policymakers, inform decision-making for prospective students, and improve integration for current international students. 

Research Poster

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