Marina Morgan

Research Project

Indigenous Fashion Enterprises: Facilitating Economic Reconciliation and Community Empowerment


My name is Marina Morgan. I graduated from Seneca College in 2016 with a degree in fashion business. I currently attend Toronto Metropolitan University where I am pursuing a degree in professional communications. I have gained management experience through my role as a merchandise manager at Aritzia and my current position as Chief of Staff at Eirene Cremations. I bring a passion sustainable fashion, strategic people management and communications as well as leadership abilities developed through these valuable experiences. As I continue my studies, I look forward to applying my education and skills to new challenges and opportunities.

Research Summary

Indigenous peoples in Canada face systemic economic and social barriers that perpetuate inequality. These include lower educational attainment, higher unemployment rates, lack of access to capital/financial services, geographic isolation of communities, racism and discrimination, effects of colonial policies and trauma from residential schools. This results in higher poverty rates, income inequality, poorer health outcomes, etc compared to non-Indigenous Canadians.

Fashion and apparel industries have emerged as potential drivers of economic reconciliation and community empowerment for Indigenous peoples. Indigenous designers integrating cultural elements into fashion lines provides economic opportunities through job creation, skill development, and promoting Indigenous culture.

This research aims to critically examine the opportunities and limitations of Indigenous fashion in facilitating economic reconciliation for Indigenous peoples in Canada through the application of a pledge model. It will analyze case studies of Indigenous fashion enterprises to evaluate sustainability factors and provide evidence-based recommendations  and implications to stakeholders on strengthening Indigenous participation in the industry.

Research Poster

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