Adelaide Santos

Research Project

The Future of Telemental Health Care for Youth


As someone who was in counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am personally interested in researching the administrative perspective of shift of health services to virtual modalities, specifically Telemental healthcare for youth. Research for better administration techniques and patient needs cannot be ignored given the breadth of this new modality, which cannot now be taken away. The sooner we begin to identify trends, attitudes, and administrator training requirements, the more accessible and beneficial virtual resources for youth will be.

Research Summary

Through examining a combination of quantitative statistical data and a thoughtful qualitative interview from a Center for Addiction and Mental Health social worker in the Concurrent Youth Disorder department, The Future of Telemental Health Care for Youth addresses how the younger demographic is experiencing virtual counseling and how administrators can improve in step with future prospects. Research shows that the emerging modality has sunk its teeth into the world of mental health and is here to stay, making this research inevitable and invaluable.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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