Abinesh Jeyarajah

Research Project

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Empower Learning, Empower Patients


Hello, my name is Abinesh Jeyarajah. I’m a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. As a passionate communicator, I enjoy the program’s dynamic environment, which promotes creativity and provides hands-on experience with technology and adaptable skills. Outside of academia, I am interested in health and wellness, so conducting the capstone research on a passionate topic has been enjoyable.

Research Summary

This research explores how integrating digital tools in healthcare education and workforce development can transform the field. Through a thorough literature review, it identifies gaps for interdisciplinary integration. Prioritizing micro-credentials and workplace learning ensures digital inclusion, which is crucial for healthcare progress. The research analyzes digital technology’s impact, advocating interventions to address inequalities and enhance patient-centered care. Ultimately, it advocates empowering healthcare professionals through adaptable knowledge management to bridge digital access disparities and foster innovation.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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