Amy Byers

Research Project

The Relationship Between Sports ‘Stars’ and the Fashion Industry


Hello! My name is Amy Byers, and I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University currently in my last semester of a 4 year bachelors program in Professional Communications. As I am about to finish my post secondary education, I am thrilled to be entering the professional workforce in the coming years. I live in the Durham Region. I currently work in retail part-time as I complete my education.

A career accomplishment I am most proud of would be working with the management team at the cafe and bistro Goldies, one of my previous employers, creating and organizing a seasonal menu, that focused on ‘flights’ of seasonally flavored latte’s, that gained traction and success with consumers via social media. Goldies has now become synonymous with said latte flights, with consumers visiting the bistro after viewing the ‘flights’ on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, a social media campaign I was instrumental in launching. 

I have always been interested in fashion, personal style, and the ever changing trend cycles. I am also an avid sports fan, specifically a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Mclaren Formula 1 team. I am excited to enter the professional workforce once my degree is complete. In the future I would like to be working in public relations, or as a social media manager for a professional sports team, in one of my two favorite sports industries, hockey or Formula 1, or in the fashion industry.

Research Summary

This project covers themes that arise within the relationships between fashion brands, and professional athletes.

The research questions, if the relationship between athlete and fashion brand are mutually beneficial, and if the level of fame of an athlete affects this, are answered within the data collected and analyzed from numerous sources related to the topic. The chosen methodology for this research project is a mixed method approach, using secondary data analysis, and case studies.

The results of this research find that sports brands, and professional athletes who work together receive positive benefits for both respective parties, including increased brand visibility, strengthened credibility, and financial gains. Star athletes like NBA basketball player Lebron James, and tennis icon Serena Williams are prime examples of this shared success, both partnering with well known brands such as Nike, and Louis Vuitton, providing positive benefits for both parties.

These results prove that professional athletes and fashion brands should continue to develop these relationships further, and recommend that more athlete involvement in the fashion industry should be welcomed by all.

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