Alessandra Capistrano

Research Project

The Rise of the “Sephora Kid”: Revealing TikTok’s Role in the Early Skincare Consumer Behavior Among Gen Alpha


Alessandra Capistrano is a final-year Professional Communications student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has over 5+ years of experience working in communications, marketing and project coordination for both non-profits and national enterprises. Alessandra’s research combines her skills in communications with her interest in psychosocial behaviour among children.

Research Summary

My research investigates the role social media advertising on TikTok has played in the recently emerging trend colloquially coined “Sephora Kids,” whereby girls within Generation Alpha have become avid consumers of skincare products. By analyzing a collection of TikTok posts from three popular skincare brands among Gen Alpha shoppers, I uncover the ways social media advertising is successfully influencing young girls to engage in early skincare product consumption. I also closely examine the potential psychosocial impacts of this phenomenon on Gen Alpha, from risks in consumer susceptibility to self-esteem concerns.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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