Sage Benoit

Research Project

Meth + Gay Men


I have always been passionate about wellbeing. It is my hope to make a career out of encouraging the best life for us all, especially those who have shared similar lived experiences to myself. After completing my bachelors in ProCom I plan to pursue psychotherapy.

Research Summary

Researching substance abuse in a smaller population comes with its challenges. Methamphetamine has remained popular in the gay community for years. I reviewed multiple published papers on the relationship between gay men and methamphetamine. Due to the complex nature of substance abuse and addiction there is no one reason gay men turn to methamphetamine; that being said the research points toward very prominent themes why this is a drug of choice for gay men. Aspects of gay nightlife favour the sexual side effects of methamphetamine (circuit parties & chemsex). In addition, most sexual minority populations do have increased risk of mental health problems/lowered self esteem which leads to meth abuse as a form of coping. It is my hope this research will help boost awareness to the vulnerability gay men have to methamphetamine and as a result help prevent methamphetamine use in the community.

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