Julie Musicar

Research Project

How Entrepreneurs use Social Media for Venture Growth


My name is Julie and I’m a fourth year Professional Communication student. I covered the topic of social media for businesses as a personal topic I was interested to uncover the modern strategies that successful businesses use. I’ve seen social media become transformative for individuals and businesses, so I wanted to know the recipe behind all their efforts. As seamless and easy as social media seems, I learned that there is a lot of strategy, time and professionalism involved to grow a platform.

Research Summary

Social media is a function that has the potential to influence the sales for businesses. Important marketing decisions rely heavily on the knowledge, strategies and content posted on social media platforms. . The objective of this research is to find proven strategies that work best for successful ecommerce businesses as companies new to digital marketing can be unfamiliar with styles of content. Media entrepreneurship can be a promising field of research as entrepreneurs can expand their customer base without a large marketing budget.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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