Sawvn Khangura

Research Project

Power, Control, Addiction and The Opioid Crisis


My name is Sawvn Khangura and I am a fourth year Professional Communications student.

Research Summary

My research examines the complex interrelationships among addiction, control systems, and power dynamics as well as how these factors all contribute to the opioid crisis in the US. I looked at the crucial roles that pharmaceutical firms’ marketing and advertising strategies, power dynamics, and control mechanisms played in exacerbating the problem through a thorough assessment of the literature. My study clarifies the intricate interactions between these factors by addressing important research questions about the funding relationships between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on healthcare policies, the causes of opioid addiction, and how perceptions of opioid safety are shaped by research funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The results of my study shed light on the significant contributions that misleading marketing strategies, data manipulation, and power abuse for financial gain have made to the opioid pandemic. My study helps to a greater knowledge of the complexity involved by illuminating the historical underpinnings and underlying dynamics of the problem. This opens the door for evidence-based interventions and policies that will more effectively address the situation. My study attempts to educate stakeholders, politicians, and healthcare providers via critical inquiry and thorough analysis, enabling a more nuanced approach to addressing the opioid crisis and preserving the health of people and communities.

Research Poster

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