Apurba Roy

Research Project

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Apurba Roy is a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She chose Professional Communication as her major to explore various mediums and diverse platforms while always creating. Apurba is keen on entering the entertainment industry post-graduation to fully unleash her creativity and lifelong passion for the field.

Research Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained considerable importance in healthcare, offering the potential to enhance diagnostic accuracy, personalize treatment, and optimize healthcare systems. However, the use of AI in healthcare involves the processing of sensitive patient data, raising ethical and legal concerns. To address these concerns, it is important to investigate how patients should be informed and provide consent for the utilization of their information in healthcare AI systems.

The primary objectives of this research is to assess the current level of patient awareness regarding the use of AI in healthcare and understand the preferences of patients concerning the use of their data in AI driven healthcare. Eventually, proposing guidelines for informed consent procedures that respect patient autonomy and privacy while allowing for the advancement of AI in healthcare.

Research Poster

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