Arely Cordero

Research Project

The Post-Secondary Immigrant Student Experience


My name is Arely Cordero, a passionate fourth-year Professional Communication student with a drive to amplify voices often sidelined in mainstream discourse. As a second-generation immigrant, I navigate the intersection of identity, culture, and education with a keen eye and an open heart.

The transition into early adulthood is layered with unique pressures and challenges, yet these aspects are frequently overlooked or under-researched. I’m committed to bridging this gap, advocating for understanding, and fostering dialogue around the diverse narratives within our communities.

My studies in Professional Communication have equipped me with the tools to articulate these narratives effectively. Through writing, public speaking, or multimedia production, I strive to amplify the voices of those whose stories often go untold.

Research Summary

Our capstone project investigates the distinct challenges faced by children of immigrants in Canadian post-secondary institutions, juxtaposed with Canadian-born peers. Focusing on familial pressures, career aspirations, and mental health, we uncover the amplified pressures immigrant children encounter due to higher familial expectations and cultural dualities. Through comparative analysis, we aim to highlight these unique experiences, advocating for educational policies and practices that promote inclusivity and support. Our research aspires to foster understanding and facilitate a supportive environment, ensuring equitable opportunities for all students, and contributing to a more inclusive Canadian educational landscape.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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