Allison Cruise

Research Project

Women’s Experiences in Gaming: Playing and Working


Hi! I’m Allison Cruise, a fourth-year Professional Communications student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am currently working in the field of communications with the City of Brampton as Social Media Assistant in the Public Relations Department. Creating this project has been a great experience as I have been able to combine my passions of editing, communicating ideas to an audience and video games into one big final assignment. I hope to one day be able to pursue a career in the video game industry!

Research Summary

This project aims to explore, understand and provide recommendations regarding the issues women face in the Video Game Industry: Playing or Working. Video games have long been dominated by men and have not been an encouraging environment to have women in the space. This can be seen through lack of participation in all fields across the industry. Through the development of this project, comments and experiences have been analysed through multiple social media platforms. These experiences from women who have felt excluded or faced harassment have provided insight into what changes they would like to see from the community and game developers. By exploring this topic, it will hopefully provide more insight as to how a safer and more inclusive space can be achieved for women in the video game industry.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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