Nicole Galesanu

Research Project

Analyzing the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Future Academic Success


Hi, I’m Nicole, a current Professional Communications major at Toronto Metropolitan University. Within the broad field of communications, I’m focusing on courses related to content creation, public relations, marketing, and a bit of risk and crisis communications.

I am also very passionate about advocating for mental health, which leads us to why I chose a topic specific to this field to research and better understand.

Research Summary

The overall aim of my research is to explore and understand the exceptional impact that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs for short) have on future academic success, specifically focusing on how early childhood years carve the path of a person’s life’s trajectory. ACEs generally come in various forms of adversity such as traumas, instability, and life dysfunction and can hinder a person’s development in a range of ways. By comprehending the connection between ACEs and motivation and success, strategies can be developed in order to help those who have faced adversity, essentially prompting a better future for them.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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