Athena Mattheou

Research Project

Cannabis Legalization Vs End of Alcohol Prohibition


My name is Athena Mattheou, I am a fourth year student at TMU. I’m just on the verge of graduating with a BA in Communications and a minor in Public Relations. I work as a content creator for Toronto’s Waterfront BIA, and enjoy graphic design, animals, and sociology courses!

Research Summary

My content analysis analyses the 2018 cannabis legalization and the end of alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s, focusing on how these decisions have shaped public opinion. By analyzing public statements, advertisements and other forms of public expression of opinion, the study explores how the government has influenced and responded to public sentiment regarding these significant policy changes as well. The findings shed light on how the government’s regulatory measures and risk communication strategies have impacted public perceptions of cannabis legalization and alcohol regulation.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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