Jeremy Elijah

Research Project

Soccer VS Men’s Mental Health


I am a fourth-year Professional Communications student and I am pursuing a minor in Public Relations. I am an avid sports fan. I follow many sports and leagues, however my favourite sport to watch is Formula 1 (Forza Ferrari!). My career goal is to work in public relations in the sports industry.

Research Summary

From a young age, many men face mental health issues when growing up in highly competitive soccer environments. Several researchers have explored and studied the impacts of soccer on men’s mental health from a young age. They have explored impacts such as gender and the lack of mental health aid for men, and the impacts of a competitive environment. Other impacts also include the recent impacts of COVID-19 on mental health due to restrictions on daily life and restrictions on sports. The purpose of the research study is to show that men’s mental health in soccer should be prioritized by soccer training institutions from a young age, to prevent life-long mental health issues in male soccer athletes.

Research Poster

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