Emily Rodeghiero

Research Project

The Impact of Academic Accommodations on University Students’ Academic Success


Hi there! I’m Emily, a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have a keen interest in corporate communications and media relations, and I aspire to leverage my academic background and practical skills gained throughout my degree to excel in those communication fields in the future.

Throughout my academic journey at TMU, I have grown passionate about advocating for inclusive and equitable access to education, particularly for students with unique learning needs. This passion stems from my own experiences navigating educational environments and witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by individuals with diverse learning requirements.

I have dedicated my research efforts to exploring the impacts of academic accommodations on university students’ academic success in higher education settings. Through sharing a small piece of my own experience with academic accommodations through my work and research, I aim to contribute to creating more inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Research Summary


This autoethnographic study will explore university students with disabilities’ experiences with receiving academic accommodations and how these support services impacted their academic success throughout their university endeavors. The study will employ an autoethnographic research method by collecting personal encounters from the researcher regarding receiving academic accommodations, focusing on lived experiences, successes, and challenges faced. Data will be collected from the researcher’s reflective documentation and self-examination of personal disability narratives throughout a bachelor’s degree, and integrated with secondary research collected from a self-created Reddit forum highlighting additional experiences with academic accommodation support. A content analysis will provide first-hand student experiences and evidence-based recommendations to be implemented within the accommodation support service system in university settings.

Research Summary

How do academic accommodations impact university students’ academic success? This key research question aims to identify the key impacts and benefits of academic accommodation support through auto-ethnographic research. Autoethnography, as a research methodology, offers a unique lens through which to explore personal experiences and narratives of the researcher. In this study, I share some self-reflection and exploration to examine the impacts of academic accommodations on the academic success of university students. By delving into my own experiences as a student who has navigated academic accommodations, I aim to shed light on the multifaceted ways in which such support systems in university influence our educational journeys.

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