Sophia Davis

Research Project

Unlocking the Language of Canine Companionship: Exploring Human-Dog Communication


My name is Sophia Davis, and I am in my fourth year at TMU, earning an undergraduate degree in communication. Apart from my pursuit of education, my sister and I co-own KYON Dog Daycare. In addition, I am actively involved in an apprenticeship program with Grassroots K9, a company specializing in dog training. My experience with dogs spans a significant portion of my life; I grew up around dogs, began raising a puppy at 17, and immersed myself in the canine care and training field over the last 3.5 years. These fantastic experiences have motivated my desire to delve into the complexities of human-dog connection. The capstone project has allowed me to dive deeper into this exciting field. My research has given me invaluable insights into the special relationship between humans and dogs.

Research Summary

Exploring the fascinating world of human-dog communication reveals a mix of factors that affect how well we connect with our furry friends. From dogs evolving special facial muscles for emotive expressions to how different breeds communicate, there’s a lot to consider. Plus, training plays a significant role in building trust and understanding between dogs and their owners. The blend of verbal and nonverbal cues, shaped by experiences and surroundings, forms the heart of a deep relationship. By examining biological elements, communication methods, and
training approaches, we can deepen our understanding of how we communicate with dogs, resulting in greater connections and partnerships.

Join as we uncover this unique language between humans and their loyal canine companions!

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