Michelle Nakamura

Research Project

What Glassdoor Reviews Say About Job Attractive Traits


Hello! I’m Michelle. Through the viewpoint of a daughter, student, worker and other breaths of life; I’m ready to see how you can best communicate to and aid your stakeholders. Human translation is my ballpark.

Always actively involved. Naturally, flocking to new experiences and learning opportunities. Personal interests include content creation, creative work, personal development, and spreading positivity.

Professional Communications Major with a minor in Marketing!

Research Summary

The purpose of the research is to inform hiring managers of the takeaways from studying the top 10 Canadian companies Glassdoor reviews, to draw a connection with what makes workers happy. The project will be looking at the differences in Glassdoor reviews between the common traits of what people put as pros of working at an organization and the cons. Glassdoor was specifically chosen as the data is collected anonymously. I looked specifically focused on looking for traits such as happiness traits of meaningful work, alignment of workers’ values and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Human emotions also were focused on needs and wants, and overall satisfaction. 

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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