Jaelyn Doyle

Research Project

Binding #Booktok- An Exploration of the Internet’s Newest Book Club


Jaelyn is an undergraduate¬†student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Professional Communications. Her passions for publishing and community engagement have guided her to work toward a double minor in Public¬†Relations and Events Management. Going¬†forward she is looking forward to finding new ways to combine her hobbies and academic interests.

Research Summary

This research project seeks to explore the impact of online communities on marketing campaigns, focusing particularly on the role of TikTok, a widely used platform for short-form video content. Utilizing content analysis and hashtag analytics, this study examines how user-generated content on TikTok contributes to digital reach and engagement, complementing innovative marketing strategies. #Booktok emerges as a compelling case study for marketing professionals, showcasing the significant public engagement and its influence on decision-making processes.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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