Roshanne Niamir

Research Project

How TikTok Affects Youth’s Learning


I’m Roshanne Niamir, a fourth-year student at Toronto Metropolitan University majoring in Professional Communication with a minor in English. As an aspiring high school teacher, I have developed a keen interest in youth’s informal learning with regards to TikTok content. This research experience has taught me a lot about my own TikTok algorithm and how these videos can influence and educate me in subtle ways. I am looking forward to using this experience in my own career to get a better understanding of the negative and positive implications of TikTok.

Research Summary

My research focuses on TikTok and its contributions to youth’s informal learning. This research will provide an understanding of how these contents positively and negatively affect children between the age of 10-19. My analysis delves into educational videos and how they incorporate aspects of humour, viral sounds, and memes to create bite-sized videos tailored to youth. We will also look into how parental involvement can contribute to their child’s learning and overall engagement with the app so they can consume appropriate and valid  information, alongside abstaining from consuming content that may result in intellectual decline over time (i.e. brain rot). What types of knowledge and skills do youth perceive they gain through engagement with TikTok content, and how does this contribute to their informal learning experiences?

Research Poster

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