Danielle Licorish

Research Project

Got Grit? A Critical Analysis of Equity Discourses and Realities for Racialized Disabled Students at Toronto Metropolitan University


Hi, my name is Danielle! I’m a creative from Scarborough with a passion for writing and a love of learning. My interest in cultural studies fuels my work. Regardless of the medium, I strive to create bodies of work that inspire, educate, and spark critical thought. In my free time, you will likely find me dissecting the latest show I binged on Netflix or expanding my creative practice in pottery.


Research Summary

This scholarly paper compares equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) discourse to narratives of racialized disabled students at Toronto Metropolitan University. Focusing on Black disabled students, elements of Critical Race Theory, Critical Disability Theory, and Critical Discourse Analysis are combined to provide insight into the gaps between the university’s EDI rhetoric and the realities of racialized disabled students’ lived experiences. This work highlights the urgency of centering and amplifying the intersectionality of students’ experiences within EDI initiatives.

Research Poster

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