Regina Ledesma Rivadeneyra

Research Project

A Critical Examination of the Advantages of Young Adults Engaging in International Study Abroad Programs


Hi! My name is Regina and I am a fourth-year professional communication student with a double minor in public relations and international marketing management from Hogeschool Utrecht. My passions vary from storytelling, communications, digital marketing, social media, and branding.

Research Summary

Having recently returned from a five-month study abroad program in the Netherlands, we were motivated to research the larger background and academic literature surrounding the advantages of international education and experiences. Studying abroad has received significant attention through educational research, primarily for its beneficial impacts on the development of young adolescents in cultural competence, personal growth, and professional skills. In our world, cross-cultural communication and collaboration have become increasingly important for personal and professional success. As students begin to understand their identities, the experience of studying abroad provides a platform for self-reflection and realization as they face unique challenges. We chose to research these benefits to further prove how studying abroad is a valuable opportunity that is highly looked upon in society.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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