Karen Orie

Research Project

The Impact of the Entertainment Industry on Beauty Standards


I am a passionate and energetic student with a talent for multitasking and problem-solving. Possessing a blend of creative flair and analytical acumen, I thrive in collaborative settings and excel in both written and verbal communication. With experience presenting to diverse audiences, I have honed my ability to engage and connect effectively. My background includes roles as a Social Media Intern at Laboratory Sous Vide Cuisine, where I created engaging content and managed social media profiles, and as a Digital Marketing Intern at Toast, where I developed targeted email marketing campaigns and optimized digital marketing strategies. Additionally, as an Event Coordinator for Yonge North York BIA, I led teams in organizing successful networking events, and as a Customer Service Associate at Homesense, I ensured seamless customer experiences while contributing to store aesthetics. My academic pursuits include a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication from Toronto Metropolitan University, complemented by a minor in Communication Design. Proficient in tools such as WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office, I also possess skills in design thinking, client relationship management, SEO, and social media marketing.

Research Summary

This study investigates the profound impact of the entertainment industry on societal beauty standards, exploring the psychological consequences of its perpetuation of unattainable ideals. Through a rigorous methodology combining thematic and text analysis, the research uncovers the pervasive phenomenon of individuals comparing themselves to media portrayals, resulting in detrimental effects on self-perception and mental well-being. Furthermore, it highlights the role of various media platforms in disseminating and reinforcing these unrealistic standards, exacerbating societal pressures. The findings underscore the urgent need for educational initiatives promoting critical thinking and media literacy, alongside advocating for greater diversity representation within the entertainment industry. By challenging narrow beauty standards and embracing inclusivity, we can foster a more equitable and empowering media landscape that celebrates the diversity of human beauty.

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