Marcus Rooth

Research Project

Going Electric: EV Adoption and Weather Impacts


Hello and welcome to my Signify page!

I am a 4th year ProCom student with a passion for sports and am looking to pursue a career in human resources once I finish my undergraduate degree. Some quick facts about me that you might find interesting are:

  1. Last year I had a co-op placement with Ontario Power Generation where I was a member of the employee communications team. While I was working there, I got to learn about energy demand within the province and even got the opportunity to go inside the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Stations.
  2. I purchased a vehicle last year and my experience of looking for a car in the post covid world played a significant role in me choosing my research topic.
  3. Outside of school, I work at a home developer in North York and enjoy golfing even though I am horrible at it.


Research Summary

With electric vehicles growing in popularity and the Canadian government constantly looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions, I thought that electric vehicles would be a great topic to research. My research project used qualitative and quantitative methods to examine what makes people switch from gasoline powered vehicles to electric, what aspects of their EV do owners value the most, how does cold weather impact electric vehicles, and how do these impacts shape the experiences of EV owners. The objective of this project was to develop an understanding of what factors have the biggest influence on making people go electric and if a fully electric future is even possible in a country like Canada.

Research Poster

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