Jordan Kurpita

Research Project

Crabs & Marketing to Piranhas: A Deep Dive Into Tumblr’s Social Media Strategy


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Research Summary

Tumblr is a social media and blogging platform created in 2007. While looking at Marketing for Online Platforms and Social Media, this study hopes to discover how Tumblr markets itself to its audience and what strategies users are most receptive to. Current research primarily consists of user demographics, how users choose to present themselves, and how posts are used to convey meaning. The company-run blog, Brick Whartley’s Crab Emporium (Emporium), will be the focus of the study. This study will use a mix of deductive and inductive coding to categorize posts. Data will be collected from Tumblr between January 2023 and December 2023. Then, the researcher will conduct a multimodal analysis of Tumblr posts to highlight their meaning and gain a deeper understanding of how marketing works on the platform.

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