Zelia Waller

Research Project

Advertising and Consumer Response on Social Media


My Name is Zelia Waller, and I’m a fourth year Professional Communications student at TMU. I have an interest in both marketing and social media and have angled my project to talk about both. I have a love for overanalyzing details on why things are online, including long term goals for entertainment and the systems that maintain media platforms, and what exactly that means for communities and consumers.

Research Summary

As the social media and technological landscape changes, so does the advertising on online platforms. Innovation in both tech and advertising are moving at extraordinary paces. As such the way that advertising is posted on platforms like Tiktok is changing, and the way that consumers react to these advertisements changes as well. This study looks into the viability of Tiktok as a social media platform for advertising, and the outcomes of advertising from a consumer’s reactive perspective. Specifically how advertising has changed to appear more like entertainment than a presentation of a product, and how it is an effective selling point to consumers, especially on Tiktok.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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