Asya Pryce

Research Project

Social Media’s Impact on Social Movements: A Twitter Analysis


I am Asya Pryce, a fourth-year professional communications student with a minor in public relations. Passionate about the intersection of digital media and social activism, this research fuels my commitment to using communication strategies for positive social change.

Research Summary

In my study, I explored the impact of social media, specifically Twitter, on the #MeToo movement. Analyzing Twitter data, I found that Twitter serves as a powerful amplifier of #MeToo messages, driving global awareness and mobilizing support. Additionally, strategic Twitter use facilitates the transition from online activism to real-world impact. However, gender, race, and identity dynamics significantly influence participation within the movement on Twitter. These findings highlight the transformative potential of social media in shaping modern activism and suggest avenues for promoting inclusivity and representation within social movements.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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