Kate Wells

Research Project

Importance and Benefits of Sustainable Events


As a Professional Communications student with a minor in Live Events and Entertainment, I have been very excited and eager to share my capstone project, titled, “Importance and Benefits of Sustainable Events”. After working in the events industry for 2 years, I have grown a passion for project management, fast-paced work environments, and the detail-oriented requirements behind planning events. I have worked within the events team at 3 different companies, and have experienced the industry as part of the venue staff, vendor staff, and event planner staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of learning as a Professional Communications student, and am pleased to present my final project.

Research Summary

This research project outlines the environmental issues surrounding the event industry, and the importance of integrating sustainability. A Multimodal Content Analysis was conducted when researching top sustainable event planning videos and companies on 2 social media platforms, as well as researching successful Canadian sustainable event planning companies. As well, research was conducted on the impacts of events on the environment. This research found that sustainable practices and habits needs to be involved in events, as there are significant environmental effects. As well, research found ways events can financially benefit from eco-friendly practices. Through multimodal content analysis and industry research, this project discusses the need for eco-friendly events from an environmental and financial perspective.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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