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Research Project

Unveiling the Thrift: Exploring the Perceptions and Realities of Thrifting Through Social Media Discourse


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My name is Christiana Webster and I am a fourth-year Professional Communications student at Toronto Metropolitan University. The inspiration for my Signify research project came from my life-long love of thrifting and style. I have been thrifting my clothing since I was in middle school and have been fascinated by the changing landscape that the industry has gone through over recent years. Since the pandemic, I have been turning my passion for thrifting into online content that I share with my followers primarily through TikTok. I have even had the opportunity to partner with thrift stores like Value Village to create content for their social media platforms.

I hope you enjoy this look into the online thrifting community! πŸ›’ πŸ›

Research Summary


This study examines the portrayal of thrifting in social media content, analyzing its depiction, common discourse, and recommendations for fostering a positive and sustainable thrifting culture. Analysis of 326 social media posts reveals a predominantly positive narrative, highlighting thrift store finds, collective hauls, and thrifting tips. Challenges such as rising costs, resellers, and fast fashion’s influence is also reflected in the online content analyzed. Recommendations include the continued promotion of positive thrifting narratives, and fostering online discussions around the ethics of thrifting. These measures aim to cultivate a more sustainable and inclusive thrifting culture, both online and offline.


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♬ never be yours by kali uchis – Kali Uchis Fan Page ❦

@_christianawebster. (2024, February 28). TikTok.


was VERY close to grtting that brown jacket 😭 it was only $20 too?!? #thrift #thriftedfashion #thrifted #thriftshop #valuevillage #valuevillagefinds #valuevillagehaul

♬ original sound – ur mom <3

@_christianawebster. (2023, November 10). TikTok.


I feel like the last sweater has so much potential 😭 #thrift #thrifted #thrifting #keeporreturn #thriftedfashion #plussizeedition #plussizefashion

♬ just a waste – c

@_christianawebster. (2023, June 3). TikTok.


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