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Research Project

Exploring AI’s Impact on Communication: Real Voices in Corporate and Creative Sectors


Hello, I’m happy that you’re here!

I am passionately completing my undergraduate degree in Professional Communicaiton at TMU. Throughout this adventure, I have established myself as a perpetual learner and critical thinker who thrives on new experiences and collaborating with other creatives.

Al’s bold entrance into the domain of the communication world challenges the current norms of interpersonal interactions and human-centred design. The Signify 2024 Capstone project allowed me the privilege of immersing myself in the ongoing discourse concerning AI. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore this topic and navigate the future peaks and valleys of communication! 

Research Summary

This study investigates how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming corporate and creative communication. It focuses on the perspectives of communication professionals in Toronto, Ontario. Through the use of a strong methodological framework that encompasses surveys, in-depth interviews, and comprehensive analysis of relevant articles as well as current academic literature, this research consciously analyzes the interface between artificial intelligence and communication practices. 

The research revolves around the thesis that, even if artificial intelligence (AI) presents previously unseen possibilities for improving productivity, customization, and creativity in communication, a human-centred approach is still very necessary. This thesis argues that a unionization that respects and incorporates human intuition, creativity, and ethical considerations is necessary for the optimal application of AI in communication. By taking this stance, the study not only advances a modern understanding of AI’s effects on communication but also supports the idea that technology should complement human insight and empathy, which are invaluable when creating meaningful connections and stories, rather than replace them.

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