Rong Yong

Research Project

Media Violation of an Individual’s Rights and Freedom


I’m Rong (Katrina) Yong, a fourth-year student at Toronto Metropolitan University majoring in Professional Communication. I am deeply interested in exploring how effective communication strategies can improve organizational performance and promote positive social change. This research interest covers the areas of public relations and digital media management. Outside of my studies, I enjoy volunteering for community organizations, exploring new digital communication trends, and participating in creative writing projects.

Research Summary

This research paper examines the interdependency of media behavior and individual freedom protection in the modern digital era. It considers the consequences of news depiction of people employing an exhaustive literature review and a public opinion survey on media consumption that demonstrates how media representation can violate privacy, slander and defame, and intrude on free expression. The research showed significant moral deficiencies in current journalism practices and looked at the effect of cultural norms, legal environment, and technological developments on media conduct under various situations. Exposing the weaknesses, this article guides media professionals, policymakers, and the public on ethical considerations. The primary purpose here is to feature the reforms and best practices that support democratic values and protect the freedom of the individual, and by doing so, to ensure the purity and effectiveness of journalism.

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