Rahul Kathuria

Research Project

Exercise to Boost Mental Health & Productivity


My name is Rahul Kathuria and I’m a 4th year Professional Communications student at TMU. My project explores the link between exercise, mental health and productivity allowing my audience to take advantage of such knowledge along their journey of self improvement. I chose this topic due to an epiphany I had during one of my tournaments as a professional soccer player which intrigued me into researching if this realization of mine was backed by evidence. The realization being that I am more productive in academic environments during my peak of intense physical activity; or in other words, when I trained in the mornings I was better able to focus during my classes later that same day and achieved better academic standing during such semesters.

Research Summary

The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between exercise, mental well-being, employee productivity, and corporate benefits. This study is based on existing scientific literature and examines the physiological processes that link exercise to mental health and cognitive function. Through comprehensive research I aim to draw attention to the field by analyzing the influence of physical exercise on employee productivity, absenteeism, attention, and problem-solving abilities. Case studies of successful corporate wellness programmes have been analyzed, and their impact on employee well-being, fulfilment and engagement has been evaluated. My investigation will also assess how exercise initiatives contribute to reducing healthcare costs and fostering a positive corporate culture. The end goal of this research is to highlight relevant information to aid stakeholders in making well informed decisions while aiding individuals in achieving their true potential.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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