Katherine Veilleux

Research Project

Hospitality’s New Spirit – Disrupting The Hospitality Through Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Researcher by day, bartender by night. Katherine Veilleux is passionate about how communication impacts human connection, and the ways that it plays part of the hospitality and food/beverage industry.

Research Summary

Exploring the ways that non-alcoholic beverages are perceived in today’s climate from both a consumer and professional perspective, this report intends to analyze the ways that the hospitality industry can be more accessible for sober/alcohol conscious consumers. Looking at articles and literature already available, conducting a survey for general consumers, and interviewing hospitality professionals, it was found that many consumers are interested in non-alcoholic beverages or are trying to be more deliberate and aware of their consumption of alcoholic beverages. Hospitality professionals, such as servers, bartenders, and managers, have found that there is a great increase in ordering of non-alcoholic beverages, but roadblocks such as stigma, costing, and lack of product are the main factors of lack of general availability. Bars and restaurants should try to find ways to make non-alcoholic beverages more appealing, and advertise them more openly as an option, and consumers should be more open in their consumption choices in order to reduce stigma and make it more known that conscious consumption is not shameful. The hospitality industry is one that focuses on providing for others, and so those who do not drink alcohol should be offered an equal opportunity to experience service as anyone else. 

Research Poster

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