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Research Project

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Country Music


Hi, I’m Ben! I was born and raised in Toronto and am looking to start my professional career here. My interests lie mostly in sports and music which are the industries that I hope to get into upon graduation. I want to work in sponsorship and events with companies such as Red Bull, Universal Music, or a sports marketing agency to get my foot in the door. In short, I want to explore what’s out there and see what piques my interest and matches my skillset. I’ve worked a few different jobs in my life so far, some related to what I want to do and some not so much! A highlight of my professional life so far was working as a Project Manager for the Canadian Ski Council at the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show where I helped curate the event and manage the logistics for the four-day long convention. It was an excellent experience to say the least.

Feel free to reach out if you care to chat or have any questions about this assignment! I’m open to connecting on LinkedIn or via email which is – thanks for your time!

Research Summary

Country music and alcohol are inextricably linked, with alcohol-themed lyrics being so common in the genre. This capstone project explores the prevalence and significance of alcohol references in country music. Through thematic analysis, three prominent themes emerge: drinking to cope with pain, celebrating life’s moments, and fitting the stereotype of a country musician and fan. These themes reflect both the cultural significance of alcohol in the genre and its impact on listeners.

Understanding this relationship is crucial as 40% of top country hits in the 5 years prior to 2017 feature alcohol-related lyrics. The research investigates the societal attitudes and individual behaviors shaped by this relationship, shedding light on the genre’s influence on social norms.

However, gaps in the literature exist, particularly in understanding artists’ perspectives and female representation in alcohol-themed songs. Further exploration is needed to grasp the full implications, including potential links to negative mental health outcomes such as suicide ideation.

By addressing these gaps and exploring the complex nature of alcohol in country music, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of the genre’s cultural significance and societal impact.

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