Merziya Hussain

Research Project

Fascination and Harm: The Media’s Portrayal of Serial Killers and Its Impact on Society


My name is Merziya, and I’m graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University with a major in Professional Communications and a minor in Public Relations. At the heart of my professional journey is a blend of social media, social justice, advocacy, public relations, and marketing, all tied together by a thread of creativity. Post-graduation, my sights are set on making an impact in the marketing and PR industry, with plans to pursue an MBA to further my leadership journey.

Research Summary

This research examines the media’s portrayal of serial killers and its societal impacts, focusing on the evolution of these figures from sources of fear to objects of fascination. Through content analysis of social media platforms, films, and TV shows, it highlights the consequences of glamorization and sensationalization, such as desensitization to violence and distorted perceptions of reality. The study reveals a troubling trend towards empathy with perpetrators at the expense of victims, fueled by both traditional and social media, and the rise of subcultures that idolize serial killers. It underscores the urgent need for media to adopt ethical responsibilities in their portrayals, prioritizing the dignity of victims and fostering informed public discourse over entertainment-driven sensationalism.

Research Poster

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