Dana Kleiman

Research Project

Consumer Purchasing Theory for Lab Grown Diamonds


I am a graduating student of the Professional Communications BA at Toronto Metropolitan University. I had the pleasure of working as the project manager of Signify; which has been an amazing way to apply my learnings throughout this program to a professional setting. Outside of school, I am a Marketing Business Development Manager for 3 medical clinics where I develop and manage communication strategies to improve the brand image, generate more leads, and foster strategic partnerships. I plan to continue my studies by doing a master’s in luxury branding in Italy. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending the last year taking a close look at the lab-grown diamond sector and uncovering what factors drive purchasing in the luxury market.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-kleiman-21290a201/

Research Summary

For my research assignment, I began by looking at secondary research by scholars to determine what factors influenced the purchasing decisions of consumers in the luxury market. I was able to find a trend in themes of branding, price, and ethical practices. Applying this theoretical framework, I used deductive coding to analyze Instagram content and found that 90% of the content included content related to branding, 80% mentioned price, and 33.33% described the ethical benefits of purchasing lab-grown diamonds. Overall, my findings matched my theory on consumer purchasing and concluded that consumers care to know these three things about companies that sell lab-grown diamonds.



Research Poster

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