Kira Dawydiak

Research Project

TikTok to Promote Responsible Tourism


My name is Kira Dawydiak, and I’m a fourth-year Professional Communications student finishing up my final semester at Toronto Metropolitan University. I’ve worked in social media for the past two years while finishing up my degree and will be continuing my career in the field post-graduate with a public relations agency based in Vancouver, BC. I’ve combined my passion for travel with my work passion to help bring awareness to a topic that I believe will be discussed further as travel picks up again in a post-pandemic world.

Research Summary

This research aims to investigate the role of social media in promoting responsible tourism post-pandemic, focusing on destination protection from overconsumption and degradation. The study addresses the impact of social media on tourist destination conservation, consumer behaviour in sustainable travel, and the promotion of responsible tourism practices benefiting local communities. 

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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