Lauren Schierz

Research Project

Generation Discourse In Traditional Media


With a love for media, re-branding, and company research I decided to do an analysis on CBC and their successful media hub “Street Cents” this has been a very eye-opening experience for me and has kept me engaged throughout my final year of working on my capstone.

Research Summary

Generational Discourse in Traditional Media showcases how CBC, a news broadcasting company has successfully brought in a Gen Z audience to their platforms. Using a remake of their well known “Street Cents” media hub, CBC has been able to master their attraction towards a Gen Z audience, pulling in a new wave of viewers to follow their media hub while still producing television and radio for their loyal fans. Using research from digital platforms, as well as meeting with a producer from CBC, this capstone allows the viewer to directly see how this generational media discourse has successfully been done and continued to this date.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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