Paige Seburn

Research Project

Celebrities Are Real People Too, Right? Celebrity Parties, Judges, and Jurors When in a Televised Courtroom, Drawing on the Depp vs. Heard and Simpson vs. The People Trials


I am a passionate researcher with a keen interest in exploring the intersection of law, media, and celebrity culture. Currently enrolled in Professional Communication, my academic background equips me with strong analytical skills and a critical perspective, which I apply to my research endeavors. I am adept at conducting comprehensive analyses of complex issues, and have a commitment to producing insightful and impactful work. I aim to contribute valuable insights to the academic community and beyond.

Research Summary

In my research, I explore the intricate relationship between law, media, and celebrity culture within televised trials. Through a comprehensive analysis of courtroom proceedings, media coverage, and public discourse, I aim to shed light on the dynamics shaping trial outcomes and public perceptions. By examining the influence of media portrayal on legal proceedings and the behaviour of judges, jurors, celebrities, and the public, my study argues that televised celebrity trials jeopardize the integrity of law. This highlights the need for a deeper understanding of the intersection between media ethics, legal representation, and public opinion when handling celebrity cases.

Research Poster

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