Lia Sioumkas

Research Project

Shaping Mindsets: The Role of TikTok’s Manifestation Content on Gratitude, Negativity Bias, and Psychological Well-Being


Hey there! I’m Evangelia (Lia), a Professional Communications student at Toronto Metropolitan University, with a minor in communication design. My academic journey has been a blend of exploring the dynamics of everything from strategic communication to visual rhetoric. I’ve been fortunate to work on various projects that have allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, from crafting strategic communication plans to producing engaging digital content.

My proficiency in communication, coupled with my graphic/web design skills, has been further enhanced on a global scale by getting the opportunity to study at the University of The Arts London (London, UK) in 2023. This experience alongside many others has not only honed my skills, but has also instilled in me the importance and necessity of effective communication practices.

For my capstone project (although unrelated to my studies), I focused on something that is a huge part of my life – gratitude and manifestation. The idea for this research topic actually came to me while I journalling and then I realized how interesting it would be to study something that impacts me daily. With a bit more brainstorming, the topic eventually evolved into analyzing manifestation content on TikTok.

Nonetheless, as I stand on the brink of my professional journey, I am eager to embark on a career in digital marketing/communication or graphic design to help brands and organizations communicate their stories effectively and strategically in today’s digital age.

Academics and professionalism aside, I am also a huge foodie and restaurant-goer, dance/theatre lover, avid traveller, and a powerful manifestor!

Research Summary

This research examines the dynamics of manifestation content on social media through a detailed multimodal content analysis (primarily of TikTok videos. In the vast digital landscape, where negative content often dominates, manifestation practices on platforms like TikTok offer an intriguing contrast, potentially fostering a more positive outlook amongst viewers. This study aims to explore the relationship between manifestation-related content gratitude, negativity bias, and psychological well-being. By analyzing primarily textual, and auditory elements of 24 videos and their respective top 5 most popular comments, the research seeks to uncover the underlying messages related to manifestation practices and their alignment with the above three factors. This investigation into the multimodal aspects of TikTok content intends to contribute valuable insights into the ways digital manifestation practices can influence an overall more positive and balanced mental well-being. The findings are expected to be significant for understanding the complex interplay between digital culture and psychological constructs, offering implications for the fields of psychology, digital media studies, and individual well-being in the context of an increasingly online world.

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