Francis Andreis

Research Project

The Right to be Supported: the impacts of LGBTQ+ Environments on queer & trans youth


I’m a fourth-year student on track to graduate from the communications program in June. I have previous work in communications at Pride Toronto and Gradient Spaces (now a part of Queer Tech). The current politics that is pushing to ban LGBTQ existence in schools, as seen from the creation of the ‘Save The Children Convoy’ and the passing of what is known as the ‘Don’t say gay’ bill in Florida, inspired me to do this research assignment. The reason is that I often hear that they are just thinking of the children. Therefore, I wanted to research the mental health of LGBTQ youth and how supportive and unsupportive environments affect this mental health in students. To give a perspective of how taking away this support and education may negatively affect LGBTQ youth, doing the opposite of saving children.

Research Summary

To summarize the research, it is essentially examining what we as humans would deem LGBTQ+ existence in nature to refute claims that to be LGBTQ is a result of indoctrination. Then, the research examines mental health trends in teens and compares cisgender heterosexual teens to teens who are LGBTQ to determine who is more at risk for poorer mental health. From this, we understand that LGBTQ teens are more at risk and are a vulnerable minority that needs support. Then, finally, we take a look at how supportive and unsupportive environments may impact LGBTQ teens to garner an understanding of how taking away this support system will impact this minority group. This research will highlight why it is essential we keep LGBTQ support and education in schools, as this group of teens is already at a higher risk of suicide and need all the support they can get.

Research Poster

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