Adrienne Tabinga

Research Project

Systemic Change in the Education System to Support Mental Health


Hi there! My name is Adrienne. I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University concluding my degree in Professional Communication. I am passionate for sparking change in the mental health sector, hence my decision to focus my capstone on systemic change to support mental health. My lived experience with mental illness, coupled with my tumultuous eight-year journey as a ProCom student, taught me that community and personal development are pivotal aspects to one’s healing journey. My aim is to translate my learnings into projects and conversations within my community, specifically in my role as President at the TMU Chapter. In my prospective career, my goal is to use my passion for storytelling and problem-solving to create innovative solutions for mental health care. I hope to be part of a team that values collaboration and creativity as much as I do. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my family and attending Kpop dance classes!

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Research Summary

In today’s educational landscape, it is crucial to implement systemic change that prioritizes mental health. Systemic change focuses on transforming existing structures to better serve the diverse mental health needs of students and educators.

My research project presents a strategic plan to drive such change, emphasizing newly launched programs and outlining tactics to leverage existing resources, which ultimately encourage new models of education to promote academic and personal well-being.

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