Cultivating Communication.

A collection of Capstone projects, researched and presented by the Professional Communication class of 2023.

What Is Signify?

Signify is an annual event organized by the graduating class of Professional Communication students, with the goal of highlighting a full year of student research and the expertise they have gained throughout their academic journey at TMU.

These students have diligently brought their Capstone hypotheses into reality by conducting comprehensive, real-world investigations and presenting innovative solutions.

Who are we?

We are the 2023 class of Professional Communication (BA) at Toronto Metropolitan University. Over our four-year academic journey at TMU, we have honed and developed our communication skills to equip ourselves for a wide array of careers across numerous sectors.

This program strikes a harmonious balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills applicable to a wide array of organizations and domains. As proficient communicators and inventive minds, we eagerly anticipate diving into a world that demands our expertise.

Three Dates. Two Mediums.

To match the ever-changing global landscape, we’ve decided to choose a hybrid approach to how this year’s Signify will be held.

On April 5th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, Signify will take place via Gather, an online platform where the event will unfold through avatars that traverse the virtual conference space that has been created. By enabling video and microphone connectivity, participants can engage and converse with each other effortlessly.