From concrete research to real-world solutions.

A compilation of Capstone projects, researched and presented by the Professional Communication class of 2022. 

What Is Signify 2022?

Signify is an annual event hosted by the graduating Professional Communications class with the goal of showcasing a year’s worth of student research and the skills they’ve acquired over their university careers. The students have carefully brought their Capstone hypotheses to life through extensive real-world research and offer creative solutions. 
Due to the ever-changing landscape, Signify 2022 will be held virtually on Gather. Through this unique platform, the event will unfold through avatars navigating Signify’s virtual conference space. With the option of connecting video and microphone, attendees will have the opportunity to speak and interact with one another freely. 

Who are we?

We are the Professional Communications (BA) class of 2022. Throughout our four years studying at Ryerson X University, we have expanded and refined our communication skillset to prepare us for careers in a variety of industries. 
The program balances theory and practical skills in a range of organizations and fields. We are communicators and creators that are eager to immerse ourselves in a world that needs our expertise.