Signify 2020

Welcome to the future of professional communication: Signify 2020


Launched in 2013, Ryerson’s four-year Professional Communication program is focused on creating savvy communicators who excel in careers in a wide variety of fields. Throughout the program, students focus on both theoretical knowledge and creative skills and develop a variety of written, visual and oral communication products.

During the students’ final semesters, we plan and organize an annual showcase event called Signify. The event is both a showcase of student final projects and an opportunity for students to network with local industry and form connections they can build upon post-graduation. Signify requires months of preparation and hard work from students involved, and the end result is a great reflection of the people behind the program.  


The Signify 2020 team has been hard at work planning the event for months. This year’s graduating class has developed an exceptionally diverse range of projects that will push ProCom’s year-end show to a new level. Understandably, it was no easy decision to cancel the physical showcase due to COVID-19. We’ve adapted to the situation at hand; just because the physical event can’t happen right now doesn’t mean the hard work of students can’t be celebrated. 

We encourage you to visit the showcase website online on April 16, interact with student projects, and ask questions. Further, we encourage you to engage with students through online platforms such as LinkedIn and connect via email. In their four years in the ProCom BA program, our students have become experts on both the subject matter of their projects and the creative strategies for communicating their knowledge and would love to share their research with you.

Welcome to the future

of Professional Communication