Amy Ng

Research Project

Retail Therapy: Exploring the Psychological, Emotional, and Sociological Dynamics of Stress Management Through Shopping


Hello everyone, my name is Amy. I graduated in business administration and marketing from Seneca College and then opted to attend university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications at TMU. I have a strong passion in marketing, particularly because it involves people and the psychology behind it. I also enjoy the retail/beauty business, which is why I wrote my thesis on retail therapy. In my leisure time, I enjoy going to the gym, exploring downtown Toronto, and spending time with family and friends outdoors.

Research Summary

This research study investigates why people use retail therapy to cope with stress and will attempt to address the question, ‘Why do people lean towards retail therapy as a stress-reduction method, and what psychological, emotional, and sociological elements are behind this desire?’ through a comprehensive literature analysis. This study aims to thoroughly explore existing research, theories, data, and different perspectives to fully explain this unique event in the context of stress management. 

Research Poster

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